Hair Transplant

Surgical hair restoration, or transplantation, is a technique that involves the relocation of individual hair follicles from a donor site to recipient sites. Choosing hair restoration surgery is a major decision for most people and there are many surgical options to consider.” Aakar” only recommends the following restoration techniques as they have resulted in the best outcome for our clients.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
FUT is the surgical method by which follicular units of hair, in their natural groupings, are transplanted from donor to recipient sites. Each follicular unit is made up of one to four naturally occurring hair follicles. Performing this method involves excising a horizontal strip of tissue from the back of the scalp. The tissue is then dissected under a microscope by our highly skilled technicians. Since this transplantation method is performed at a micro-level, the end result is more natural in its appearance

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
FUE is a microscopic removal of individual hair follicles, one graft at a time. The FUE device is used to extract follicles from the donor site and transplant the extracted follicles onto the recipient. The FUE procedure requires no scalpel, sutures, or staples, and leaves almost no visible scarring. In addition, this method has decreased healing time and involves less post operative discomfort than the FUT.