The advances in plastic surgery and our extensive experience in microsurgery has made possible to reattach the cut fingers and hand with excellent cosmetic and functional results. The cut part should be preserved in clean plastic bag which is kept in ice box and brought to the hospital as early as possible.

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Congenital Hand Deformities

Congenital hand deformities are present at birth and may become a challenge for children as they continue to grow and learn to interact with their environment through the use of their hands. The degree of deformity can vary from something minor, such as a digital disproportion, to a more severe deformity, such as total absence of a bone.

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Hand Injury

Intricate in design and function, the hand is an amazing work of anatomic engineering. Form follows function in the hand; therefore, any injury to the underlying structures of the hand carries the potential for serious handicap. The goal with injuries to the hand is a rapid and accurate initial evaluation and treatment.

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