Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction

For many women diagnosed with breast cancer, the possibility of breast removal, or mastectomy, can set off a number of emotions. The loss of a breast, and sometimes both breasts, can in some ways be as traumatic as the diagnosis of cancer itself. Breast reconstructive surgery, which is the process of rebuilding a breast, can help with a woman’s psychological healing. Studies have shown that reconstructive surgery improves the psychological and emotional health of a woman with breast cancer.
Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction is basically a surgery which is done to rebuild the breast’s shape after a mastectomy. It cannot give a woman her breast back as reconstructed breast do not have natural sensations. This surgery provides results that look like a breast. Most of the women who have undergone the breast reconstruction are glad they did. During breast reconstruction, surgeons form the breast mound by using an implant or from tissues from the belly, buttock or back

Breast Reconstruction
with Becker implant pre
Breast Reconstruction
with Becker implant post

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